Upcoming concerts

The orchestra and choir will next perform on Sunday March 10  at St. Mary’s in Waverley (Eastern suburbs of Sydney).

RSVP on facebook: Link TBA

2020 Concerts

March 29 

Mozarrt Don Givonanni Overture 

Waxman Carmen Fantasy for orchestra and solo Violin 

Vivaldi Summer from the 4 Seasons Soloist Edward Walton

Haydn symphony 103 Drum Roll

Conductor Sam Weller

June 13

Mozart Symphonie Concertante Violin soloist Emma Jezek, Viola Amanda Verna (Sydney Symphony Orchestra)   

Beethoven Symphony 5

Conductor Carlo Sam Weller

August 16 

Children’s Concert featuring our favorites and some very special guest soloists  

September 13

Brahms Symphony 1 

Conductor Sam Weller

November 27, 29   

Haydn’s Creation with the Willoughby Symphony Choir

Conductor Peter Ellis